the Phonendoscope CS-421 Elite

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premium design, extended sound line (75 cm). A multi-functional stethophonendoscope of the Rappaport type in a premium version for diagnosing the work of internal organs, namely for listening (auscultation) to heart tones, respiratory noises and other sounds that occur in the body.

The CS Medica CS-421-Elite stethophonendoscope is a convenient and multifunctional model (Rappaport type) in a premium version, which comes complete with additional accessories that provide more possibilities when used. The double-sided head and headband with a galvanized coating ensures durability of use and emphasizes the status of the owner.

Individual adaptation of the stethophonendoscope (the presence of interchangeable olives of different sizes) will save you from unpleasant sensations with constant use of the device.
Stethoscope heads (3 sizes), supplied in addition to the 2 original membranes (large and small), ensure the versatility of the kit. Each membrane or stethoscope head serves a specific purpose, and together they cover all applications, and the elongated V-shaped tubes of the sound line (75 cm) do not restrict the freedom of movement. A name plate and a key for replacing the membranes in the kit add comfort when using.

Thus, thanks to 5 working options, the CS Medica CS-421-Elite stethophonendoscope replaces all other stethophonendoscopes.

Scope of delivery

Stethophonendoscope head with rotary switch, phonendoscopic head small, phonendoscopic head large, headband with elastic olives, V-shaped sound line (75cm), operating manual with warranty card, additional accessories (spare large membrane, spare small membrane, spare small olives, spare large olives, key for replacing the membrane, name plate, packaging for accessories).

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