Company QuadRu B.V. cooperate in logistics exclusively with a renowned customs brokers and transport companies possessing the necessary customs licenses, the status of Customs carrier and its own fleet of exclusively certified the rolling stock.

We are constantly improving existing practices and create new solutions for the development of competitive advantages for our customers. All our partners are leading companies in the market of transport and logistics services in their countries and regions.

In Europe and the CIS countries, we carry out the international transport by road only of ecological standard Euro-5.

This allows us to accurately comply with the terms of the transport order, strictly comply with the agreed terms of carriage, optimally placed and firmly secured the cargo inside the vehicle, to meet modern environmental standards.

The status of Customs carriers and Authorized economic operator allows us to organize the transport of valuable goods without convoy. This reduces the time and reduces the cost of transportation.

Security selected transport route provides quality analysis and utilization of highways, the presence and location of guarded parking lots, monitoring took place on the data of accidents and analysis of the routes leading to the reasons for this incident, satellite monitoring of vehicle movement.

We transport loads as the whole track, holds up to 34 pallets of European standard, with a volume up to 100 m3 and a height up to 3 meters, also of package cargoes with the weight of from 50 kilograms.

When our customers need to receive a comprehensive service, we carry out transportation of medical goods from the supplier's warehouse directly to the customer's warehouse with full customs clearance of export from the EU and customs clearance of import to the Russian Federation.

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